What Do You Mean “No”? (Toddler Leash)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You dare to tell the toddler “no”?

Are you sure you really should?

Trying to put a leash on a toddler is always a unique experience.


Sometimes she’s accepting of it, sometimes, not so much.

The leash means boundaries (and safety) but all she sees are the boundaries. :p

It’s always funny seeing others react to a leashed child. When we see it, if my eyes meet the fellow parent’s eyes I offer a knowing smile and nod. Most fellow parents seem to understand the entire point of such a contraption. Some non parents point and judge.


Let them, my baby is safe and I know right where she is.



2 thoughts on “What Do You Mean “No”? (Toddler Leash)

  1. People can be so judgmental and, as you said, non-parents seem to think they “know all”. We know better don’t we son.? 🙂

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