Legion’s Arrival

If you usually join me on Monk of Mists (MoM Notes tag on social media) then you can just skip this post if you want. There will be a normal FF post shortly.

I scheduled this one to highlight some of my Legion themed posts because as of today, as of approximately this time, my copy of Legion will be arriving via UPS… while I’m still at work.

Fortunately, Labor Day is just around the corner and this is the weekend we plan to dedicate jumping right into the game as much as is possible (school starts next week so we’ll have some prep for that going on too.

I’ve written a few Legion themed posts leading up to the game’s launch, so here they are.

  1. (Redirect) Sync Your Addons/Settings With Dropbox
  2. Transmogrifying for Legion
  3. Legion Maining and Crafting

I am prepared.

Are you?



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