Caturday: The Catching


Worried about Thunder, we thought it was time to rent a live trap from the local shelter. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera nearby at the time, but most of us got to watch as he tentatively tried to pull the can of food from all sides of the trap, eventually giving up and going in.

Yeah, just a little freaked out by the experience.

The no kill shelter nearby has no room for cats at the moment. I think we may be stuck with this little guy.


Clearly he wasn’t feral, but abandoned and scared. We started out introducing him only to the back three season porch where the litter boxes were and then to the office (with closed doors).


The next rainstorm that came scared him too. At this point I think he’s probably named Thunder ironically.



One thought on “Caturday: The Catching

  1. He is such a handsome fellow. His name is so much like thunderer. What about the name Stormy? He sounds very smart trying to get the food through the bars of the trap. He must have been very hungry, poor fellow. My cats are not afraid of storms, it seems, but they have not been tossed out to fend for themselves during a scary storm. He must have been out in a bad storm and it took a toll on him, emotionally. I’d love to give all of you a hug and him too.
    Love to all.

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