Mage Phoenix: Connections (1) – A Seeking

For those who are unfamiliar with the World of Darkness and role-playing in general, I hope you enjoy this simply as a story.

For those of you who are familiar with World of Darkness, this takes place in the current PBEM (play-by-email) game taking place in Pheonix. I’m part of a long running (10+ years!) game based in yahoo groups.

You can find more information about the game here:

General World of Darkness information can be found on a previous post where I wrote about it here.

So, without further adue, here is my Mage Phoenix character on a Seeking, questing for Arete rank 5.

Connections: Part 1

Maxwell drove carefully as always.

It wasn’t that he had to, the streets were nearly deserted at this time of night, but he had no idea how long the car still had, nor did he want to let any sudden movements shift his sleeping family around in the back seat.

 They were almost to Phoenix though, and hopefully at last to a haven. If not permanently, at least one that would let him find work and maybe a place to live.

 A place where his wife might work more openly as what she was.


 Danielle woke as she felt the impact, activating an escape rune she wore around her neck for just such an emergency, not thinking about who else might have been in the car at the time.

Who was she travelling with? Where had she been going?

 Wherever it was she had to nap during the trip, so they must have been going a ways from the chantry, but why?

Then she heard the child scream in the back seat of the car. The driver of the car seemed oddly familiar too.

 “You’re connected to both of them,” Carl said out of nowhere.

The short blonde man stepped next to her and she reached for her escape necklace again reflexively. His chuckle held no mirth.

 “Think of it as an alternate timeline. You’re obviously still Awakened, but now with these silly runes? Wonder what you ended up being…”

He let that question hang as the child’s screams reached panic levels.

 “Choose,” he said.

The child’s name came to mind instantly, Danielle glanced away from Carl for only a moment, but he was already gone.

 She charged the vehicle, praying to a deity she wasn’t normally concerned about and tapping two more runes together.

 She felt the strength of Life envelop her as she tore the back door open on the rusty black sedan.

Samantha WOULD be safe.

 The name of the child came unbidden to her mind, she ignored the nagging piece in the back of her head wondering why she knew the child’s name or who the child was in relation to her. After all, she was no stranger to alternate timelines, and once the immediate dangers were averted she’d have a moment to figure out what was going on, right?

 Clicking the seatbelt release rather than trying to fumble with the seat’s restraints itself she used what little energy was left of her Life pulse to carry them both away from the car.

“Daddy!” the child screamed as Danielle took them both to the ditch on the other side of the road. The telephone pole that the car had impacted was leaning to the side dangerously. It was a wonder the cables stayed secure, though angry puffs of smoke and a familiar ‘ZZT’ as they swung into one another indicated they weren’t fully safe.

 Connections,” Carl said from behind her. “The strongest of all between mother and child.”

 With that, the smoke grew, and the front of the car exploded.

 Danielle could hear her own voice screaming, “Max!”


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