Mage Phoenix: Connections (2) – A Seeking

A continuation from part 1.

Danielle peacefully watched Samantha coloring at the kitchen table.

 It was summer, and she’d just finished her first year of school in Phoenix.

 True to their original plan, she had been able to find more security there, just not as much security as they would have originally liked.

 She clutched to the mug of tea in her hands when Rose’s voice broke her contemplation, “Tea is better to drink than to strangle.”

 They were both ready for work. The chantry had helped find her a job at the same hospital Rose worked as a doctor. Fortunately there was always need for a good nursing aide, and that had been what she was about to become before they had to move.

“She’ll be fine here, Sentia likes her, Marcellus has taken a shine to her, and both will make sure she doesn’t get into trouble.”

 She nodded, finishing her tea and tucking her rune chain into the pocket of her scrubs.


 Research into what timeline she belonged to, and where/when had been slow. Only the Elders and her trusted friend Rose knew that she felt as though she was being torn in half most of the time.

On the drive to the hospital she wondered what would happen to Samantha when she was gone. Would the other Danielle return and take over as though nothing had happened? Could she take Samantha with her?

 They just didn’t know.

 She knew she was a lot weaker than she should be, but she wasn’t quite sure how.

 The necklace seemingly was an emergency panic button. Some kind of talisman made to look like a standard rune she worked her Will through but instead, underneath, it was filled with circuitry. The Elders explained away Carl’s appearance as likely something built into the rune to help her refocus in an emergency.

 She was sure she at one time had the power to teleport, if she really wanted to risk the paradox.

As it was, she seemingly was at least a Life mage, though she wasn’t Verbena it was the closest thing they could put her in.

 The drive to the hospital was uneventful and she lightly remembered Rose chiding her yet again on refusing to drive since the accident.


 The workday was mundane, which was both a relief and a frustration. She would very much rather be back at the chantry researching or spending time with Samantha.

 At least, it was, until she saw two men that made her blood run cold.

“I’ve never heard of a Max Simmons, sir, and since you nor he is a patient I’m going to have to kindly ask you to move on,” the receptionist was blandly annoyed. Good, that meant they were here searching, that was all.

The men looked at each other, nodded, and headed toward the slow moving revolving door.

Danielle found herself holding her breath and clutching to her rune chain in her pocket. As the men left she realized it was the rune for Entropy and tried to push her Will through it and the door.

What had she been trying to do? Hide in plain sight perhaps?
She wanted the men out of her way as she left for the chantry with Rose from the employee parking lot.

Just as she began to relax there was a harsh metal on metal scraping sound and the door stopped. The two men were trapped inside!

The receptionist was the first to laugh as Danielle looked on in surprise.

There was Carl again, sipping noisily from the water fountain, “You’re more connected to the things around you than you give them and yourself credit for. If you would only let down your guard and bathe in the environment around you.”

Rose joined Danielle to stare at the door, “So I’m not the only one who will need a drink after today. Entropy too then?”

Danielle found herself numbly nodding and following her friend out another way.


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