Mage Phoenix: Connections (3) – A Seeking

A continuation from part 2.

Danielle had always been a loner.

 It came with the territory of moving and never connecting with her peers. She found her entertainment through the Internet.

As she watched her daughter play a video game in the rec room she wondered about her own childhood.

 She felt she had two at this point. The one from this reality overlaid over her real one. There were many moments when she wasn’t quite sure which was which.

 She has a daughter here.

 She had a husband.

 She gently played with the modest gold band on her left hand. No diamond, just a gold band. From what she could tell of her memories, they didn’t have much but they also didn’t want for much. They had been in love. Samantha came from love.

There’s not much more that will make a child feel secure than seeing her parents steal kisses or be picked up and added to a tender hug.

 She wondered a bit if she should be searching for those men before the men found her. Then again, they weren’t after her, they were looking for Max, and he was gone. His urn sat in her room.

She sighed. Regardless of who they were, she had to make sure her daughter remained safe. It would be better to find out who, or what, they were and why they wanted her husband.

 As she slowly rotated her ring on her finger it was then that she remembered.


“Danielle!” Max’s frantic voice filled their apartment. He never yelled for her. It wasn’t efficient and it might wake Samantha if she was sleeping.

 She rushed from their bedroom, armed with a book that was quickly forgotten and dropped to the floor.

The man in front of her looked like somebody who had just been the loser of a bar fight.

 He looked at her and took a step back, grabbing the doorframe to steady himself, “You can’t be!”

 “What happened? What can’t I be? Are you all right?”

 He crumpled to the floor in tears.

 Neither of them went to class the next day, and as Danielle tended basic first aid to Max the details slowly came about.

 He thought he’d gone insane for one thing. Voices demanding justice and suddenly he saw what had a moment ago been a man look like a monster. It had been some sort of vampire Danielle had helped him discern. For a while she had thought he had Awakened, and attempted to explain her very limited abilities and understanding to him, reassuring him that she was still very human.


 He had trouble following and eventually they both gave up. She seemed to have very limited ability to impact him, and he had a much greater ability to block her abilities, not that she’d ever tried to use them on him before.

Neither of them knew what they should do in the long term. He wasn’t Awakened but he certainly wasn’t ‘normal’ either because he had been able to tell she was different without her doing anything different. She’d always been careful about that.

 Carl, the man who had originally helped her realize she was Awakened had told her not to do much in front of others or else there would be a backlash. She hadn’t been strong enough at the time to understand what he’d meant by that.


 She looked up from her ring and wondered. Where was he in this timeline? It seemed he was alive. Or was he? Was it the timeline she was from where he wasn’t or was it this one? Clearly she knew of Hunters in both places in an extremely limited way but what did that mean?

If not Carl, maybe the two men who had been looking for Max.

 The entire reason they were going to Phoenix was because Max had been contacted online and promised that if they made their way there his family would be safe. That they’d help him, there was a larger community that could train him.

 What would they think of her though?

 “They’ll tolerate you long enough,” Carl shrugged, sitting next to her on the couch.

 “Ravenscore,” Danielle responded. The name came automatically. She knew of it from s’ome-when’. She just wasn’t sure which one.

Carl simply nodded.


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