Mage Phoenix: Connections (4) – A Seeking

A continuation from part 3.

Danielle had borrowed a jeep from the chantry and gone to the only address Max had possessed.

It turned out to be an abandoned, burned down, Dairy Queen.

 As she stood in the ruins, confused, a man cleared his throat from behind her, startling her.

 Especially startling her because she had previously scanned the area for Life before entering.

 Was this man like Max? She’d need to be careful.

She held up her hands to the man, turning slowly, and studied him.

 He didn’t look like a fighter at least. Greasy, short brown hair, unassuming plain blue shirt and dark blue jeans. Tennis shoes.

 She couldn’t tell what color his eyes were behind his sunglasses, but he had slight acne and could probably stand to lose a few pounds.

She wagered he was about 6 feet tall. He was at least taller than her 5’5″ which was pretty easy to do.

 When she saw he wasn’t armed she lowered her hands.

 He smugly leaned against a crumbling wall and crossed his arms, “I wondered when the wife would make an appearance. I didn’t know she’d be ‘Other’ though.”

 It took her a moment to understand his comment. He was like Max was. At least that was now confirmed.

 “I could say the same about you,” she finally retorted.

The man made a huffing sound, bordering on a chuckle, “I know I’m human. I can’t say the same for you. Some think…” he trailed off, this man was a talker and aware of it. “Why are you here?”

 “Max is dead, there’s no point in sending your men to hospitals looking for him anymore,” Why was she being so cold about this? Was it because she didn’t feel connected to this timeline? This was the man who had helped make Samantha. Or was it because this man standing in front of her didn’t have the right to see her at her weakest. To know that she loved him and a part of her misses him every day, alternate timeline or not. It was still a version of herself.

 The man’s expression remained neutral, “They aren’t my men, but thank you. How did he die?”

 Danielle frowned. This man had no right to know. Or did he? She wasn’t sure how much contact Max had had with whoever or whatever he was… had been.

The man waited patiently, pulling a nail file and slowly scraping his fingers across it. The indifferent confidence rankled her.
“Car accident on our way here,” she finally answered.
The man stood up straight. Danielle could feel how his presence seemed to shift, “Confess!”
The demand rocked her body and she instinctively reached into her pocket, grasping onto the runes there. It was as though somebody was trying to pry into her life history, perhaps even make her outright share details.
She felt shame about only being able to save Samantha, but she also had come to terms with the fact that he would have wanted her to save their daughter first too.
She felt shame about the man she killed, possessed by a spirit because she didn’t have enough knowledge to expel it magically.
Wait, that was a detail of another timeline!
Steeling herself, she grasped the runes harder, Willing the man out of her mind, out of her past. She felt her mind split, multiply, fill the space of the abandoned fast food restaurant.
She felt the Mind sphere.





She felt them connect, steeling herself against either a mental or physical attack.

Instead, as her breathing calmed she looked back at the man who had tried to demand her past from her and he nodded in respect, turned, and started walking away.

“I’ll let them know they don’t need to search for him anymore, thank you. Don’t come here again,” he said over his shoulder.

She nodded and he kept going, leaving her alone in the ruins.


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