Christmas Pajamas

Newbie, weilding one of her odd favorite snacks of french bread, and Thunderer got caught getting ready to look at story cubes while in their new Christmas pajamas over break.



Yep, they’re prepared.


Snow Boy


Of the kids, Superman probably loves the snow the most.

If I’m going out to shovel on the weekend, he’s the one that will come out and join me.

He doesn’t mind having to be bundled up heavily, he just wants to go play!

As usual the winter hasn’t allowed much outside play time due to the windchill, but we try to allow it whenever it’s safe.


Penguin Friends

A close friend of Newbie’s from preschool sent her a Christmas present: a stuffed penguin with one half of a “best friends” necklace.


The school district now has them going to two different buildings based on where we live compared to them, but come middle school, if they stay in contact, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to easily rekindle their friendship.


Her half says “milk” and his half says “cookies”.


Christmas Book Love

Speaking of loving books, Little Miss was thrilled to find the final book in the Pegasus series for Christmas.


The box behind her is how we help them keep their stockings and other new gifts organized. That way they don’t accidentally mix their candy with fellow siblings, which keeps drama to a minimum.