Mullet Time

It seems Thunderer managed to give herself a haircut.


She was quite proud of herself.

You might see a few pictures mixed in where her hair is longer still, but going forward I bet most of them have her in the rescue haircut that Redflare applied.

All three of the girls have now given themselves haircuts when young now. I suppose it had been only a matter of time.


Birthday Onion Rings

One of Little Miss’ birthday requests was Redflare’s special onion rings.

So we obliged and pulled down the fryer that we basically use once a year and fired them up.

Redflare had to chase us all away from the bowl long enough to get this picture. Otherwise the bowl is basically empty the moment they come out of the fryer.


I’ll tease that if you want the batter recipe you need to leave a comment. 😉