Thirty Years of Final Fantasy

Various series come and go, they don’t all stand the test of time.

If there is one series that I find myself comparing a game to, it’s this one.

I was pulled into Final Fantasy as of VI. Ordered a backordered copy for my SNES from Funcoland by mail.

I couldn’t get through VII. I made the mistake of naming Aerith after my wife. Well, she wasn’t my wife at that point, but I still couldn’t handle her death and have never therefore finished it.

Shamefully, my copy of FFVIII still is in the original shrink wrap, but then again, perhaps that’s something to be proud of too. I have bought a digital copy to eventually play on my PS3 or Vita.

FFX (and X-2) were the last FF games that I officially beat to completion. No, probably not to 100%, but I saw their full stories and highly enjoyed and appreciated them.

I got FFXII during another busy period in my life, so I’ve actually recently pre-ordered the remaster so that I can enjoy it comfortably on my PS4. I look forward to the FFVII remaster for the same reason.

XIII is one I still play occasionally. Working through it slowly. I’ve greatly enjoyed that adventure so far and look forward to a chance to sit with it and continue.

The curse of being a responsible adult and parent: you have the funds to finally get these amazing games, but you prioritize what really is most important over playing them. I’m still glad I have them though, for when the time and opportunity present themselves.

VX is on my shelf as well. I’m almost through the first chapter. It’s another epic adventure I look forward to walking through when time allows.

Amazing to think that this legacy has been thirty years now. Congratulations, SquareEnix. I look forward to seeing what you bring to our homes in the next thirty years.



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