A Newbie and a Frog


Newbie was highly impressed with the bullfrog. I’m not sure why we’ve always encouraged a kindness to frogs except for the obvious ‘be nice to animals’ thing, but they always appreciate them when they get to see them.

I do not look forward to if any of them are confronted with a school project to dissect one.



3 thoughts on “A Newbie and a Frog

  1. I believe the kids will be okay with dissecting a frog in high school or college biology. I did in college. It wasn’t like I took the frog’s life. I trained myself to just focus on what I needed to do. I was able to do a really great job.

  2. You may not want to mention the fact that we had a bullfrog at one time. I’m afraid he probably didn’t have enough room to exercise his powerful hind legs. Because before he died ( took him to the vet for that) he kept swimming upside down (on his back). A sad sight to behold. Maybe when I’m there in June, if you want me to, I can tell them about Kermit. With the slant not to trying to make a pet of a wild animal. Do you remember how we got him?

    • Yes, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got grabbed with goldfish. I think I spotted him in their tank. Didn’t the pet store give him to us for free?

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