Daddy Daughter Dance

For my birthday it seems appropriate to show off two of my little gifts.

The high school was hosting for the younger grades a “daddy/daughter dance” so naturally, it was time to take my two in school daughters to said event.

Newbie had a blast. Running around, purposefully sliding on the floor and finding friends… oh yeah, and dancing with Daddy.

Little Miss was a great sport in helping me keep an eye on my Newbie independent monster.

Sadly the DJ wasn’t overly impressive (or the music requests weren’t) but I still enjoyed hanging out with them and attempting to move to the beat.



3 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Dance

  1. You are such a wonderful Daddy to our children. I’m glad you and two of your daughters had a good time at the dance. Remember how when I used to tell you to listen to the beat and move to it. I love my son!

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