Found Little Feet

As hinted at yesterday, my birthday proceeded as normal. I enjoyed my cake, went to work, and that weekend, I started my standard chores.

That meant things like mowing.


And paperwork/emails.

Among the emails was a mysterious message from a “J. Smith”.

Yeah, that has to be a fake name.

Except it wasn’t.

Instead, we exchanged messages first on the website where I had left breadcrumbs 13 years ago (and thankfully still had the same email address).

Then phone numbers for texting.

And suddenly I was getting pictures. Confirmation of a biological past that I thought was closed to me for all time.

That’s right. My biological family had found me!

The breadcrumbs, after 13 years, had finally borne fruit.

If there’s a question, those are my baby footprints.


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