Camp Trip

Little Miss, now in 8th grade, had the opportunity to go to some sort of camp for a couple days this fall.

The disposable cameras we sent her with didn’t turn out many good pictures at all, but I did manage to send her off after snapping a good picture of her.



Mal Trip

It’s time again to head to the dreaded place: the mall.

I think part of this trip was hiding from the heat and another may have been to pick up school supplies? I can’t recall at this point.

Well, where does one put a toddler while at the mall?

How about on Daddy’s shoulders!

Perhaps also toss the kids on the carousel just this once (we make sure it’s not an every time thing so it doesn’t get expensive).


Bus Stop Lineups

It’s difficult sometimes to get them all to stay still to get a good shot. Sometimes we have to settle for getting them in smaller groups.

I think this school morning was a teacher late start day or maybe Thunderer was still in bed so Redflare walked them to the stop alone. I’m not sure at this point.

Had some fun pictures hiding away that should see the light of day. 🙂




Now I know earlier on I said I’d try to do fewer “single picture posts” or somesuch, but I also need to just enjoy things when there’s only one picture of the thing.

Like this chicken that Little Miss made.

Crochet, some stuffing, and a couple of beads.

Talent takes practice.



Parade Waiting

The weekend when swim lessons started up was a busy one. The doctor visit, the lessons, and then there was a parade for the local annual fair.

I took the elementary schoolers out to see it. They eagerly waited for the candy portion.



Swim Lessons

So where was I and everybody else while Redflare took Thunderer to the doctor?

At Newbie’s first swim lesson.

She did… swimmingly.

Nervously too, but her comfort levels will improve as the lessons go on.

Superman clearly enjoyed his lessons as well.

Once done, we were back off to pick Redflare up.



Doctor’s Office Hangout

Ah, the joys of having only one vehicle but two places to go.

Thunderer wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t been for a few days.

Her symptoms were enough that we felt she should at least be seen to see if they have any ideas.

They didn’t.

After the doctor’s visit she and Redflare hung out by a tree for me to be done with younglings and their swim lessons.

Thunderer seemed to appreciate the tree.

Her face easily says that she’s sweet but doesn’t feel 100%.

Redflare had her books, her baby, and her pocket watch to keep her company while she waited for us to be back.

This one has somehow so far survived being in the precense of younglings. We’ll see how much longer it survives.