Cuddle Buddies

I’m not quite sure what started this phase, but for a while Lady Grey was Thunderer’s shadow around the house.

Perhaps Thunderer is old enough now that she’s not being too rough with the kitty, or perhaps Grey appreciates Thunderer’s body heat as the days started turning cold?

Thunderer probably has no memory of our home without cats in it. That’s amazing for me to think about.

Somehow we even managed to get Lady Grey to almost say ‘cheese’ for this picture.


Pumpkin Patch

Clearly we’re starting to get into the fall pictures now.

Off to the pumpkin patch!

Then it’s time to run around and pick their pumpkins.

Thunderer, no matter how many times we tried to dissuade her, was set on getting a ‘baby pumpkin’. We’d let her draw on it later rather than cutting due to the size.


Swim Lessons Again

With Thunderer feeling better this time around we were able to go as a family to cheer on Newbie and Superman as they learned more swimming tips and tricks. And maybe to take up as many chairs as possible.

The teens have basically graduated from this program so they were along more for the chores we were off to after the lessons.

Newbie’s confidence has greatly improved through the course of the lessons and is now willing to fully put her face in the water.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed catching Superman in flight.

Like at the mall, one good way to contain a toddler is to put her up on somebody’s shoulders.

TJ volunteered this time.


Cat Lap

Redflare is admittedly not a massive cat person. She tolerates them in large part because I and the kids love them, especially Little Miss.

We always enjoy it when, therefore, they set up shop in her lap.

I think after this picture (where I was summoned instead to offload her lap and put Thunderer to bed) they did have to get up.

It was time to invade another lap at that point. There would be no reading allowed!

They’re pretty little floofs.

Sometimes the assume guard duty. They usually flee from the toddler while she’s awake, but it’s hard to resist the cuteness once she’s in a nest before taking her up to bed.


Super Gamer

For my birthday last year I was lucky enough to get a new laptop for gaming.

It’s what I use when playing Overwatch, No Man’s Sky, etc. The PC only games.

When playing WoW I’m usually on the mac just because I like my huge screen for that.

What that means though is that Superman can sit next to me at my desk and be a happy boy questing and gaming with me.

What I appreciate is that while I’m playing at his left, Redflare is playing at his right.

He’s growing up in a household where everybody games. It’s not a “boy” thing. Some games others just may not like, and that’s fine. You either play them solo or play something that everybody who wants to game at that moment likes.

That is sometimes hard to balance, sure. This would be why he’s thankful I let him use the laptop.