Christmas Countdown

Well, we’re only four months late for Christmas 2017 I suppose, right?

I’m not quite sure how we evolved into our present tradition. When we were growing up we both got to open a gift on Christmas Eve. For me, it was generally a parental recommended gift from under the tree. For Redflare it usually was a package containing pajamas.

With the large… gathering(?) (what _is_ a good term for those of us with lots of kids?) we converted that to the “Christmas Eve Box” where they find some candy, something cozy potentially, and some soda. Soda is a rare treat in the house for them.

With the box done, perhaps we’ll have some cookies.

And eventually they’re chased off to bed for final prep, leaving their notes for Santa out usually inspires a response of some kind.

It’ll see the stockings stuffed with care…

And the tree very ready to go.


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