VHS Rescue

So my original VCR died that had been on my desk and it gave me the sinking realization that the clock was very much ticking on if I would ever successfully get these home videos transitioned from VHS format to digital.

With the living room’s VHS/DVD player (the DVD side had recently broken anyway), a composite to HDMI converter, and my Elegato game capture device which you can see the handiwork of in posts like this.

Don’t mind the desk, it’s usually this… busy (and fairly tidy when compared to Redflare’s off to the right).

While I don’t know if I’ll share any of the home movies at this time in their raw format it did seem right to share a picture of the process, especially since I’m able to say hi to Dad on this one.


Sweet Treat

I can’t recall the backstory on this particular sweet treat now, the picture was edited about a month after Newbie’s birthday so that can’t be it…

These cookies and cream bars are a family favorite of all the littles though.

The appreciation on her sweet face is worth it.


The Rube Goldberg


Thunderer came along (naturally) to a school event where Little Miss and a group set up a rube goldberg machine.

While she waited for it to actually do something she pretended to meditate.

The goal of the machine for this group was to close a book (and squash a mouse).

It didn’t work 100% as expected but did at least do what it set out to do.

They even won the ‘most creative’ award.

Before anybody asks, not every group did win something.

It was a quick trip and then we were on our way back home, but not before Thunderer got to hug her biggest sister.


Husband and Wife

It was warm enough, though snowing, that Redflare and I took a short walk outside.

The neighbors probably thought we were nuts.

Oh well.

At the end of it we stopped for a quick selfie before going inside.

I’m thankful my pretty wife is becoming less shy from the camera. I like having pictures of her to show off here.


Garden Planning

With everything still so frosty outside (as of the time these pictures were taken) it was time to at least start planning.

Seeds were bought.

A binder was acquired to fill with charts and experiences, both book learned and life learned.

I think we’re about as ready as we can be. Bring on the spring!


Ice Crystals

Nature offers us fleeting moments of beauty, even in winter.

The raspberry bush out front had collected ice.

Getting in close you’re able to really appreciate it though.

It was cold enough this winter that even the icicles had frost on them at points!


Culver’s Layover

Mom and Pops were headed north… or was it south?

Either way, they were passing through so we took the opportunity to meet up.

Gave us some good photo ops.

And naturally showed off their mischief a bit.

As with all quick visits, it was over too soon and with one last pose we had to say goodbye.