Dental Time

Visiting the dentist, with five kids, is an ordeal. Not a bad ordeal, just an ordeal.

Get them all situated and checked…

Make sure everything is coming in just as it’s supposed to.

And perhaps do some inspecting of siblings.

Yes, even the teens are subjected to the same day. It’s just more efficient.

Happy to report that yet again, we’re cavity free. 100% success rate so far.

Time to go buy candy!


After the First Day

So how did little Thunderer’s first day of preschool go?

Just look at that happy face, that’s how well it went.

When the weather is nice, the park is going to become a regular wind-down time thing again after school. IT’s also a nice place to wait for the rest of the siblings.

And a fun place to find the family.


Oldest and Youngest

The pictures are a wee bit scattered since Redflare dove in and helped with editing again without keeping them in super close order.

Oh well, I’m just thankful she gave me a new set of pictures to use.

So speaking of siblings, how about our oldest and youngest?

She was so excited for school that first day that she wanted to carry her backpack to the bus stop even though, of course, she wasn’t riding with them.