With the blog in sort of catch up mode perhaps we’ll highlight some pictures from their birthdays without dedicating a post per kid.

That, and I don’t think Redflare grabbed pictures from every birthday we’ve missed on the blog since we last posted something. :p

There has been some gift giving along the way though, like a painting made by Little Miss for TJ:

We celebrate quite a few birthdays through the year. We’re actually over for now until near the end of the school year, so why not highlight them a bit?

Little Miss got her traditional chocolate covered cake, traditional feast, along with a fun shirt.

A funny side story is that we ended up with the Red Lobster for free because they royally messed up a good portion of the order (clearly ended up with somebody else’s food).

Fortunately the birthday girl still got her crab legs so it all worked out okay but I certainly didn’t get what I ordered.

And naturally there was the potato chowder request as well.

Newbie dictated quite the menu for her bithday, including heading out to Culvers for lunch.

And then we have the six year old around Christmas time.

No, we don’t have any pictures of Superman’s prepared. I think we were pretty light on the picture taking for both boys for some reason. Hard to say now since it’s amazingly been a year since then at this point.

We do have some shots of Newbie helping me making Redflare’s traditional birthday brownies though, along with enjoying some personal Christmas brownies.


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