Watching Potato

Part of the complications meant that Redflare and the Tough Guy couldn’t be home the day after like normal. What we could do, is watch from a nursery cam as he received some treatment from my computer.

We all also got to be offended at how little care the tiny ones (at least with him as the guidepost) got actual attention. Redflare was barely able to leave his side because otherwise he wasn’t going to be monitored to our satisfaction.


Potato Tough Guy Introductions

Born on March 12, 2021, this little guy has given us quite the stressful introduction.

Officially born at 6PM with some complications, he had a rough couple of first days, especially while trapped at the hospital for monitoring. The longest any of our younglings have ever had to be at the hospital.

Clearly he’s home at this point as I write and schedule this post or the tone would be a lot different. Sweet, tiny, and healthy, Little Miss dubbed him quickly as a ‘sweet little potato’ which is why that shows up and ‘tough guy’ because, well, he’s had to tough through quite a bit already.


Biker Gang

While Superman practiced skateboarding the girls enjoyed working on riding their bikes. I’m not quite sure why Newbie insists on using her old bike when she got a new one for her birthday but something about not being fond of all the gears? Perhaps Thunderer will claim it and start working on her balance soon.


Dragon Prince: Enjoyed

Newbie found this series for us after having watched it on her own on Netflix. She strongly recommended it to the family.

I try to watch a show with them. Just a couple episodes a night. We pause and talk about expectations for the story, where it might go, laugh, cheer, or share in the surprise as things go in ways we don’t expect.

I believe the tradition started with Netflix’s rerelease of Voltron and continued from there.

While I’m not going to really say anything more about the show itself, a certain scene from late in the series as it’s currently available made everyone laugh and rewind so I turned it into a GIF.

Seems like a perfect future reaction GIF for things.

I’m not sure what we’re going to go to next yet. There’s a vote for the Pacific Rim series and a vote for one called “Wakfu?” Maybe we’ll just do a few more episodes of Floor is Lava until we find a new story to enjoy together.