Achievement Day

I’m not really sure how I managed to trigger three achievements in the same day, but I took a screenshot of all three so I may as well throw them all in one post.

I mean, the most important one would be getting the Stardew one here:

This would be from the Snow and my game with Penny. 🙂

The other two, I mean, are just tutorial achievements from the digital Lords of Waterdeep I think:



Sorry to break it to you, Red, but the warmth of the boxes is all you’re going to get.

(And yes, I did feel compelled to shoo her away afterward because I didn’t want her thinking she could hang out there and become a criminal later.)


Stardew Chefs

We’re achievement hunting pretty hard on this farm. We got the Joja unlock achievement and through year 3 we gathered all the things we’d need to use to cook every recipe. Oddly we haven’t unlocked every recipe yet, but at least as the year came to a close we’d managed to get these two, plus be ready for the others.


Bonus Cat Picture

I usually save these cat pictures for Saturdays but having Big Red fall asleep while we play Stardew face down on the desk was too much to let wait for the next Saturday that doesn’t have a cat picture scheduled.