Photo Finish Sudden Death

So we were playing Smash Bros, as we sometimes do, and this session on Memorial Day weekend ended with quite the amazing photo finish.

Here’s the full round for reference:

And then if you’re here for just the photo finish, that’s here… slowed down to .25 speed it’s still too fast really to catch what’s happening:


Miitopia – Warcries

I’ve been really impressed with Miitopia thus far, so don’t be surprised to continue to see some fun family-oriented anecdotes.

They occasionally ask various characters about their war cry. TJ, for example, we gave ‘Who do you think you are’ because that’s what he often says to the cats when they’re looking like they’re about to try and steal food.



Traditionally on nights where I’m playing D&D (either Tuesday or Thursday depending on the campaign historically) I bake pizza. Seems appropriate to the activities planned, after all.

On this particular night we set her up in her high chair to keep me company as I cooked the rest of the pizza… as she moved on to demolish the pieces we gave her.

She mostly sucks off the sauce and scrapes the cheese free of the crust with her few front teeth and eventually tosses the soggy, empty, sad crust to the side in favor of a new piece.

But boy does she have fun devouring them as she goes.


Lucio Birthday Balling

This was back during the anniversary event this year, so oddly a recent POTG highlight video. And also one on my Switch!

One thing I’ve noticed with the Switch, unfortunately, is if I want to export any cool highlights I need to connect it to my computer and do a screen recording. I can’t use the Switch’s native album system or even the native share system, so that’s unfortunate.

It was fun learning the controls of Lucioball on the Switch as I joined TJ’s girlfriend as she worked on getting loot boxes though. Especially in something as fun as multiball Lucioball.