Cat Couch Goodbye

Regardless of the Christmas decoration that was still taped to the wall in the background, this picture comes to us from mid June where we found a new (to us) couch and moved the old couch out so that we could make space for the new.

During the process there was a short amount of time where both couches were in the living room, and during that time Thundercat here decided to give it a final goodbye lay upon.


PC: Champing Up

I don’t really see myself posting many achievements from the Jackbox game “Champ’d Up” but I thought I’d mention it at least once because the family enjoys gathering around the computer, drawing to the prompts, and then seeing who trounces who.

Hint: Newbie and Little Miss have an artistic advantage.


Stardew: The Great Pumpkin

We got lucky here with this picture coming up in October! I took the screenshot back at the end of July.

This was our first giant pumpkin on our shared farm ever, so it was something we wanted to be sure to catch a picture of for posterity.

And yes, that’s our regular farming setup. I suppose we could move it to the left a little bit to allow for the Jumino huts to harvest more on the right side and then also add another set of iridium sprinklers on the left but really, this layout is keeping us well stocked with a strong harvest that then all goes into kegs and preserve jars. What we probably need at this point is a third shed that would let us process even more preserve jars and kegs… but to do that, we’ll need a good spot to put them.

We even have a nice strong system for planting each season these days so that the multi-harvest plants go along the top and the sides and then everything else branches out from there.

I fear soon my work’s Q4 rush will be coming and we’ll have to put off doing Stardew for about a month. I don’t look forward to that. This gaming time with my senior is precious.


Gamer Training

She wanted to make a void elf character on my account. I can’t remember what chores I was doing at the time at this point, but I went ahead and said sure, go ahead.

Newbie then joined her, so we had small siblings partying up out in the world. I believe Superman and maybe Little Miss were also playing, but having these two young future gamers sitting side-by-side was the important shot for me.