Curious Lady Grey Christmas Caturday

Lady Grey is here from August to inspect the desk…

And thinks that “Caturday” is more important than “Christmas” but will go ahead and wish everyone a Merry both since I’m over here scheduling this in October.

That’s right, a picture from August, being posted on Christmas, scheduled in October.

Behold the power of the WordPress scheduling tool! :p


Additional Desk Loaf

Little Miss had clearly started moving some of her things to her new desk and organizing at the time this picture was taken, because now Big Red has claimed the top of the desk alongside one of her art bins and a stack of books.


Sparkler Showdown

I think this one kind of explains itself with the title.

And then of course I need to offer a heads up that as I’m scheduling these I’m in my super busy time at work and home so that’s why scheduling new posts has dropped off so much.