Switch: Mario Golf – Perfect Chip

Snow was playing as Rosalina at the time and this was too good of a shot to not record.

Can you tell I recently cleaned off my Switch of clips? 😉

Don’t worry, we’ll get back to cats or family pictures soon, but first I’m going to catch up on some gaming stuff, hence the Miitopia Mornings recently and now this. Merging the two blogs has been good for me from a managing perspective and most of the time I’m gaming with family anyway so it’s just logical to keep them merged for now.


Among Us: Hey, Change Cameras

Hey, uh, Swordagent, can you switch cameras real quick… I think you’ll find something to report…

Now that Among Us is on the Switch and most of the family have a Switch we’ve been able to all gather in the living room, which is a much bigger space, and play together much more comfortably.

Well, unless our poor broken bodies are lying dead on the cold hard ground.


Box Stakeout

Can you guess what’s inside these boxes? Yep, cat food. The Sam’s box is their wet food and the Walmart one is their dry food. It was odd that both boxes arrived on the same day, but boy they were happy that their stockpile was being refilled.

They were also eager to try and help me open the boxes and put their food away.