Productivity Blocker

One thing Little Miss has found she does with her desk is steal my tablet, set up to sew, and watch something on netflix.

Big Red decided she wasn’t going to do any more sewing on this day, however.

I guess this is as decent a post as any to mention how the sausage is made here on the blog too, not that I get many comments or readers, but I want to write about it, so I will.

Clearly my mind suffers from some sort of OCD or something because it’s convoluted, bear with me. 😉

When we take pictures with our devices, Drop Box uploads them. Or when we take pictures with a traditional camera we upload them to dropbox when we put the SD card into a computer.

(No, I’m not sponsored by Drop Box, but hey guys, I’m open to it. :p )

After Drop Box’s camera uploads folder, as of my writing this in October, I import to Apple Photos eventually. From there I look through the latest imported pictures and throw those back into a ‘pics for blog’ folder in Drop Box. You know, so I can review and write for the blog wherever I happen to be.

Screenshot? Miitopia or other gaming video? Those all go into that one folder these days. At one point I had a special gaming video folder on Drop Box for the blog too but that became too full and cumbersome. I’d rather play with my kids than edit video so by putting the videos in line with all of the other pictures (for the most part) I review and upload just like any of the other pictures I use here.

When I come to a cat picture, well, then I go to the calendar and find the next open Saturday and schedule that via this site, uploading to the file structure I’ve made for myself to use on the blog and pasting it in… then deleting it from drop box.

So that’s why there are ups and downs to posts but the cats just keep coming. If we have a lot of cat pictures, I’m going to schedule them out. It’s why I’m writing to 2022 from early October 2021 right now.

Meanwhile if there aren’t a lot of cute kid pictures or events (which, let’s face it, thanks to Covid there are a lot fewer events than there used to be) there will end up being gaps. Or, you know, I just don’t have the time to review pictures to then post and write about them.

So that’s a little behind the scenes look. Thanks for hitting that ‘read more’ button.


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