Fortnite: Rocket Victory

As Junkrat might say, from Overwatch: The hunter, lays a trap.

I don’t get many royale victories, so I’m going to commemorate this one, thank you.

Back in October, wearing the Ghostbuster’s skin, I’m up on a ledge, watching two other players duke it out.

We’re the last three.

I see one finish the other and see all of the stuff suddenly pop forth. So I aim my rocket launcher at the center of all that loot and hope that it makes contact to at least weaken my opponent. I still have the high ground so I was hoping to at least get their attention, take some health, and kill them from above with additional shots as they try to come up and get me.

Except the fight with the other player must have gotten them low enough, and my aim must have been lucky enough, that poof. The rocket explodes and I suddenly have the victory!

This was also my first solo victory on the Switch.


Cruis’n Blast: Photo Finish

Mid October I was playing this game with Superman and Newbie. I’m not sure at this point which screen was which, but it was super hard to even tell who won until the game decided for us.

It’s one of those fun, silly, arcade racers that immediately gives me flashbacks to the old days.

We haven’t played it much, mostly because there aren’t a lot of courses for more than two players (which is a weird limitation) but we’ve still had fun with it.