Park Pose – Middle Middle

And here we have the rare Newbie, holding still and posing for a picture.

I’m not quite sure where the pictures of Thunderer went, but the next picture in the blog archive goes to another day.

Sadly as I write this I’m going off what I have in dropbox safe and sound because the Mac where all of the pictures live and are backed up is dead. We should be able to recover them when I get a beefy enough computer and extra external hard drive to extract all my backups, but for a while yet I’m operating on what is supposed to be my gaming laptop for everything.


Christmas (2011) Caturday

I get it. It’s August, but this cat picture is from Christmas and so I’m scheduling it for the next available Saturday as is my normal pattern.

As these are both from Christmas though, I thought I’d use them both as a bonus Caturday day.

One of the ribbons for the blankets was lying around and first the kids played with Lady Grey with it, and then they put it on her.

Later she cozied up in one of the Christmas blankets that was in the Christmas Eve box the day before.

Still plenty of evidence of chaos from Christmas on the couch here.

And this concludes, months after the other Christmas pictures, everything from Christmas day.


Eldest Middle – Park Pose

For those of you unaware, as kids get older, while you’d think that they would then have the ability to stay still for pictures easier, the opposite is true. Once they’re older they don’t want to pose for pictures as much anymore because they supposedly have better things to do than let we, the parents, capture them at every age.


April Park Candid – Lava Zombie Explained

At this point I don’t remember what they were playing. Probably the “lava zombie” game they made up.

What is “Lava Zombie” you ask?

It’s basically tag meets floor is lava.

So you start out with somebody “it” and then the rest of the players charge off. They have a limited time to get to high ground before the ground around the playground equipment becomes lava.

During lava, the person who is the “lava zombie” (it) can try to jump up and tag people but may not climb on the equipment themselves. If successful, those they tag climb down and join them in the lava and attempt to knock everyone else out.

Zombies are allowed to only walk but are allowed to go faster as there become more of them. So once they’re successfully at tagging the first person they’ll be able to speed walk, next, run, etc. At a certain point (the time is a bit arbitrary) they start counting down and then the floor is no longer lava. Everyone must change positions and zombies are now allowed to climb equipment. If, once lava is called again, somebody hasn’t moved (by changing levels on the playground equipment at the very least), they’re fair game to be climbed toward even during the lava period.

As the horde of lava zombies grow they’re allowed to start moving faster, remember, so the game is more about being the last one to be tagged than to never be tagged at all. At some point, everyone ends up being a zombie. We then reset and somebody else starts out as the single zombie. Try to rotate the role so everyone has a chance to start as the zombie.