Strawberry Pickers

School is out, so let’s put the kids to work! 😉

Something tells me they won’t mind this process because they’ll all greatly appreciate the… fruits of their labors.

Okay, maybe some of them mind.

Redflare was having him help with the watering process though, so maybe that’s why.

What I love is how careful even Thunderer was with taking the berries.

It ended up being quite the haul!


Pole Work

A few years ago the neighbor cut down a dying/dead tree. One of the branches knocked out one of the support bars of our clothesline.

You could say a tree clotheslined our clothesline even.

With that being the case, and room starting to run out in the yard to keep new trees healthy, it was time to say goodbye to the poles.

I suppose this could be considered a very uniquely destructive pole dance?

These things were properly cemented in at a certain point, plus holes at the top of the poles acted like a funnel to the ground so the area at the concrete was nice and wet.

We didn’t want to dig too deep or wide for the sake of the yard and the new trees that would be going in.

Like this new cherry tree.

While we’re out there, may as well check on the tree that had surgery too.

So far so good.


Garden Update

Things are coming along nicely outside in the recycling greenhouses.

Bunching onions…


And even some tomatoes!

The spinach I think will need to be moved soon and the dill looks great too.

A couple years ago we planted some asparagus seeds near our patch, hoping to enlarge it. Well, nothing ever sprouted there, but this season we’re seeing some rogue asparagus starting to show up in a few unexpected places.

Like in a shrubbery!?

Spring is clearly in full… bloom because we’re getting tulips and cherry blossoms.

Some happy looking strawberries.

And the promise of some apples and asparagus where we expect them!

Before starting on a backyard project, perhaps we should ponder the johnny jump ups.



One of our two blueberry plants we planted last year died, so this year we’re being a little more careful about acclimating the new ones.

The one that survived the winter is barely holding on so I’m glad we have these as well.



While Redflare worked on the tree I started tilling the garden a little. I had to stop along the way because she needed assistance, but I was pretty happy with my progress for how short I was doing it.


Moar Apples

One of these days we’ll have a lot of apples in our yard… and shade.

One of these days.

This “Red Rome Bueaty” apple tree seems to like its new home next to the driveway. Should nicely provide some shade to the house in the afternoons and evenings when it grows too.

Expected size is ten feet tall and potentially ten feet round so we made sure to put it far enough away from both driveway and garage to accomodate it.

(That other garage in the background is the neighbor’s.)
I fear we’re almost out of yard space for more trees though.


Cat Grass

Because the cats wouldn’t leave our seedlings alone we thought it was time to give them a distraction. Something that they could eat and that we knew would be okay for them.

“Cat grass.”

Once we had it going the floofs took tentative nibbles and eventually seemed to appreciate that we provided an alternative to nibble on.

I think we found our seeds on amazon. Yes, it does just look like regular grass, but supposedly it’s good for them.