Wolf Shirt

One of Redflare’s favorite shirts right now is this wolf one.

No, it isn’t that shirt.

What shirt?


It’s close though.

What I find funny is that until I mentioned the reference I don’t think the reference was even remembered. She just likes it, and that’s all that matters.



Baby Box

A friend of mine recently had their first baby so we put together a little congratulatory box to celebrate with them.

Perhaps this will inspire some gift ideas for a family with a new baby elsewhere. I know Redflare would have loved getting something like this.


Thrift Store Books

I can’t recall the occasion at this point, but in February we ventured out to the thrift store (they were probably having a book sale) and scored some amazing book deals (again).

I have no qualms with filling our house with books. Redflare finds some really awesome reads and they’re cheap!


Bus Stop Pickup


We don’t use kickstarter much, but when we do, and the things finally arrive, it’s a good time.

We supported some special layered, sifting litter boxes that are hiding behind Newbie on the stroller.

Redflare says everybody gave her some odd looks for using the stroller like a package cart, but it was quite an effective way to get them home.

The Luup people gave us an extra litter box as an apology for being a few months late.