Little Miss is showing off Redflare’s new shirt and the pants that are going to get returned to Target.

I know it’s the fashion, but when I order pants for my kids I don’t expect them to come pre-holey.



Buck a Bag of Books!

The library had its yearly sale.

We made off like bandits.

Hard to resist $1 for filling a paper bag.

Any we don’t like? Trade the local little free libraries or book trading sites like book mooch. It’s quite the win-win.


Bus Stop Pickup


We don’t use kickstarter much, but when we do, and the things finally arrive, it’s a good time.

We supported some special layered, sifting litter boxes that are hiding behind Newbie on the stroller.

Redflare says everybody gave her some odd looks for using the stroller like a package cart, but it was quite an effective way to get them home.

The Luup people gave us an extra litter box as an apology for being a few months late.


Tired Gifts

The souvenir shop is the final stop on the zoo trip. Nana usually treats them to something small, just because.

I’ve tried to sneak her out without in the past, but she enjoys doing it for them.


They appreciate it (and the gifts Nana got them, these were actually from the dino gift shop) but you can tell they were also getting tired and hungry at this point.

It’s a little harder to say no when it’s officially Superman’s birthday.


Snap Bracelets

Little Miss got a snap bracelet for her birthday with some snaps. What, exactly is a snap bracelet?

Here you go:

So you get a base bracelet with that little hole, and on the back of each of the… charms is the button that goes into the hole.

After getting a starter pack of bling she went out to ebay and found more that she spent some of her own birthday money on. I think she made some excellent choices.