Civ 6: Amanitore Religious Win

First time for everything! I’ve been trying for a religious victory for a while. The last time I tried I accidentally got a culture victory instead. I was a little worried that was going to be the case again this time but I managed to do it here  near the end of June.

On to the next turns in another game.


Civ VI: Desperate Times…

I’ve always loved the Civ series. It’s a zen out therapeutic way to control the world when the world doesn’t make sense.

With the gradual merger of Monk of Mists with I’m going to celebrate that I got this achievement sometime mid June.


Five Games, Five Generations

So before I get started, where the crap have I been? Well, after that last post on 11/16/18 I ran out of pictures and time to post anything more. The joys of helping run a family during the holidays. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I mean, it’s taking me almost a month to get to looking at this tweet we’ll get to into a moment.

Now, if you don’t follow this guy’s blog about gaming yet, I’d highly recommend heading his way. You can find him over at Adventure Rules.

So this challenge was to pull five games from five different generations (and challenge five people, which I’ll leave alone).

A tweet wouldn’t do my response justice, hence why I’m here.

You want generations of gaming? I’ve got generations of gaming.

Let’s get started!

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Ready for Civ VI (Beyond Earth Achievements)

After doing all the yard work today I was exhausted. Probably because I stayed up late in Overwatch and got rank 43… and quickly dropped to 39. :p

Anyway, I usually show off my WoW achievements on twitter so I thought for all these Steam Achievements from Civilization: Beyond Earth (Rising Tide) I’d offer a quick gallery.

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