Basement Heroes

Happy Halloween! No, these weren’t their actual Halloween costumes (I won’t have pictures of that ready quite yet), this was them raiding their cosplay drawers and hiding in the basement from the heat.

I believe they are currently pretending to all be in World of Warcraft. Yeah, haven’t indoctrinated them in that game at all.

Seems an appropriate timing for this picture to come up since Blizzcon is only  a few days away from when this picture goes live. 😀




Throwback Thursday: Warcraft Opening Weekend



The audience turnout may not have been high, but it was mighty.

Another group that was there took one look at Redflare and her Alliance shirt and teased amongst themselves, “Don’t talk to the filthy Alliance.”

Unlike the showing I went to the night before there was quite the sense of camaraderie in attendance for the opening weekend matinee.


Legion’s Arrival

If you usually join me on Monk of Mists (MoM Notes tag on social media) then you can just skip this post if you want. There will be a normal FF post shortly.

I scheduled this one to highlight some of my Legion themed posts because as of today, as of approximately this time, my copy of Legion will be arriving via UPS… while I’m still at work.

Fortunately, Labor Day is just around the corner and this is the weekend we plan to dedicate jumping right into the game as much as is possible (school starts next week so we’ll have some prep for that going on too.

I’ve written a few Legion themed posts leading up to the game’s launch, so here they are.

  1. (Redirect) Sync Your Addons/Settings With Dropbox
  2. Transmogrifying for Legion
  3. Legion Maining and Crafting

I am prepared.

Are you?




The movie has come and gone at this point, but it was quite the event for my family.

Naturally we also got the book adaptation.

We coordinated so that I went with a friend release night and then Redflare took our Alliance player elder kids to the movie on Saturday.

Absolutely loved the movie and I hope that they do manage to do a sequel. It has since been preordered as a family Christmas gift.