Sparkler Showdown

I think this one kind of explains itself with the title.

And then of course I need to offer a heads up that as I’m scheduling these I’m in my super busy time at work and home so that’s why scheduling new posts has dropped off so much.


Sparkler in the Dark

I’m not really sure why these pictures were flagged with a creation date of late August, but that explains why I was so short on 4th of July pictures I guess.

So as the first day of winter approaches rapidly I guess we can look back on summer fondly, starting with Little Miss and a sparkler, lighting up the night.


Just… One… More… Turn… (Happy Birthday Civ!)

Welp, thanks for making me feel old…I started playing Civ from Civ II with a demo.

Sometimes seeing how fast I could “beat” the demo (by discovering gunpowder) and sometimes seeing how long I could avoid beating it (by avoiding gunpowder at all costs). Alpha Centauri, a spin-off game, saw a full play-through the night TJ was born because Redflare was in the hospital in a shared room so I couldn’t stay over and be with them.

Too excited to sleep, I spent the whole night from turn 1 to victory playing that game, waiting until visiting hours were available so I could go see them again. Through the years, Civilization games are my default go-to when I’m pinned down holding a sleeping baby. From TJ and Little Miss to Fireball and Potato.

I believe I held Superman while playing Civ IV, for example with Newbie likely sleeping with Civ V and Thunderer while playing “Beyond Earth” (another spin-off).

Hard to believe the game now celebrates its 30th anniversary.

So off we go now, for just… one… more… turn…