Wild Thing Riders

First off, no, Redflare didn’t notice the sign saying “please no pictures”. :p

TJ and Little Miss fly through first, with her flashing some sort of ‘waffle’ gesture.

Superman flies by next to Pops, with definate surprise on that cute little tiger face.

And I managed to drag my little brother onto the ride.

I’ll just cackle again evilly as I look at it.



Wild Thing Proof

Redflare isn’t much for roller coasters. She isn’t really much for rides in general.

Little Miss decided to drag her onto their biggest roller coaster anyway.

As Redflare was getting off the operator took pity on her and gave her a pin to commemorate her first (and probably only) time on the roller coaster.


Monster Release

One of the rides I affectionately call the Octopus. I guess the name for it here is “The Monster”.

Superman liked it a lot, it was one of his first rides.

Newbie? Not so much. Everybody got together to pose in front of it before we let the teens loose a bit but even in this picture you can tell she’s going to be wary of the entire day… until we got to the smaller kid area which is where most of the other pictures came from.


Fair Time

So every summer Pops’ company holds a family and employee event at Valley Fair.

We were able to join them for the first time this year.

Probably not something we’ll be able to do every year thanks to our family size.

But it was certainly valued quality time with everybody.

As you can tell, there were a lot of fantastic pictures from the day, so it’s hard to stop posting.

The day started out cool and wet, which was wonderful when you think about it. Kept the crowds down a lot.



It was May and yet we clearly jumped from winter to summer. It was just getting too hot without an AC in the house to keep the beard.

Given Thunderer has never seen me cleanshaven we thought it was a good idea for her to at least see the process start.

She seemed a bit confused about it.

She would later express her dislike of me being clean shaven, but at least I didn’t leave this look.

At this point the beard is on its return tour, mostly because I’m lazy and don’t enjoy shaving. :p

I can’t recall who said it, but somebody wondered if we had an extra cat when they looked at the floor when I was done. I guess there was a lot of fur on my face.