Yard Play

This summer was just too hot most of the time. Which was really disappointing.

The time we did get outside was cherished though, and we made the most of it.

Both in the back yard…

And the front.



Mall Run

I can’t remember exactly why we headed out to the mall, I think it involved one of the kids needing shoes.

It gave us an opportunity for them to admire a giant teddy bear as we passed through the closing Herberger’s though.

And also a chance to admire a squishy face.

And a contented face.


Wild Thing Riders

First off, no, Redflare didn’t notice the sign saying “please no pictures”. :p

TJ and Little Miss fly through first, with her flashing some sort of ‘waffle’ gesture.

Superman flies by next to Pops, with definate surprise on that cute little tiger face.

And I managed to drag my little brother onto the ride.

I’ll just cackle again evilly as I look at it.


Wild Thing Proof

Redflare isn’t much for roller coasters. She isn’t really much for rides in general.

Little Miss decided to drag her onto their biggest roller coaster anyway.

As Redflare was getting off the operator took pity on her and gave her a pin to commemorate her first (and probably only) time on the roller coaster.