Park Time

The weather stayed nice for a little bit so that meant we could start walking the kids to the bus stop… and when it’s time for them to walk back, Redflare can meet them at the park.



Grandmother’s Funeral

Grandmother passed in early April so we made our way to the funeral.

Through the fog.

The weather eventually cleared up and travel was easier.

Redflare didn’t pull out the camera much but did manage to get a copy of freshman year me from the collage.

Meanwhile the littles were their normal cute selves.

Especially afterward when we went to help with cleanup.

And when the teens weren’t helping (which TJ couldn’t do much of due to his surgury restrictions) they patiently posed for Redflare.


The Rube Goldberg


Thunderer came along (naturally) to a school event where Little Miss and a group set up a rube goldberg machine.

While she waited for it to actually do something she pretended to meditate.

The goal of the machine for this group was to close a book (and squash a mouse).

It didn’t work 100% as expected but did at least do what it set out to do.

They even won the ‘most creative’ award.

Before anybody asks, not every group did win something.

It was a quick trip and then we were on our way back home, but not before Thunderer got to hug her biggest sister.


Culver’s Layover

Mom and Pops were headed north… or was it south?

Either way, they were passing through so we took the opportunity to meet up.

Gave us some good photo ops.

And naturally showed off their mischief a bit.

As with all quick visits, it was over too soon and with one last pose we had to say goodbye.


Watching the Incredibles 2 Trailer

The Incredibles is one of those movies that automatically resonates with my family because, well, they’re a family of heroes.

We’ve all been looking forward to its return for a while, so when the first trailer came out for Incredibles 2 with some story details (rather than the Jack Jack teaser) the kids gathered around the computer and enjoyed.