Caturday: Claimed by Cat

So there Newbie is, minding her own business, drawing a board game idea and watching something on my tablet when Lady Grey waltzes up and says, “This looks like a dandy spot to sit.”

The sweet cat even loafed!

I’m pretty sure she hung out like that until I needed to interrupt them both for dinner.


Egg Coloring 2022

It was a very busy but fun Easter this last year. For some reason I feel like attributes were rushed but at the same time it feels a  little “less” this year. Maybe because TJ wasn’t with us. I mean, he stopped by, but it was the first family holiday that came about where he was fully and officially moved out.

They still got to show off their creations though.


Park Pose – Middle Middle

And here we have the rare Newbie, holding still and posing for a picture.

I’m not quite sure where the pictures of Thunderer went, but the next picture in the blog archive goes to another day.

Sadly as I write this I’m going off what I have in dropbox safe and sound because the Mac where all of the pictures live and are backed up is dead. We should be able to recover them when I get a beefy enough computer and extra external hard drive to extract all my backups, but for a while yet I’m operating on what is supposed to be my gaming laptop for everything.