Story Hour

Every other week in the summer the town hosts a ‘story hour’ at city hall for all the kids.

The younglings are eager for it to begin!

They host various speakers and have snacks. The kids always enjoy going.

This time, they hosted a pair of brother jugglers.

One also juggled machetes but Redflare was wary to snap a picture in case a flash distracted him.


Dancing Newbie

I’m sure this will become a standard reaction GIF for me, but I wanted to share the origins.

They had a slingshot station set up for the little ones. Some of them, like Newbie, I wondered if she would accidentally slingshot herself.

The first time she was… up at bat? and let the ball go she accidentally beaned one of the ladies that was holding one end of the slingshot.

Her next attempt was this one, and she was very happy that it went flying as far as it did.

This is the Newbie victory dance.