I’m pretty sure this picture was taken on Mother’s Day and so there’s likely a ‘sons’ picture somewhere. This one came from RedFlare’s phone so maybe it’s just a matter of me not being sent it yet.

So the picture is a bit late, but at least we can admire them all together here and hope that in ten years they’ll gather and awkwardly recreate this one together.


Birthday Rainbow Road Racing

Off to the races again! For this last birthday racing video I actually merged the two clips to see how that turns out. It was great racing with so many real people in Mario Kart. I think my favorite bit is probably poor Superman and how he ended up crossing the finish line. You can sort of see it on the first half but at the very end you can see it from a different angle.


“Ar” Eyepatches

Newbie’s eye was accidentally scratched by Fireball. It was a pretty bad scratch at the end of the day so we took her in. It was an officially scratched cornea.

Little Miss crafted an eyepatch for her in record time to help her remember not to rub it and cut down on the sensitivity.

Well, a few days into her having one I was approached to join a new D&D game so Little Miss again went to work and whipped one up for me for entirely different reasons (yay for wearing small bits of a costume on the D&D stream.)

Naturally a little sister decided to photobomb, but it was a welcome addition to our picture.


Egg Catchers

Seems better to do the back yard a little bit as a montage. Newbie was probably the MVP hunter back here, jumping up to pull one from a tree…

Climbing the swing set…

And then surveying the yard to see if she can find any more.

Thunderer was always proud of her finds too though.