Pickup Hunters

There he goes, the guy with a massive height advantage over the other hunters, and he’s leaning down to take the ground level eggs.

I’m glad we distribute the candy inside evenly after the hunt or else he’d have gotten sick from all the sugar for sure.

The others were close behind him though, he won’t get them all!

Thunderer paused to watch out for more in the tree. I enjoy this shot because there’s nothing left, but they don’t know that yet.


The Hunt Begins

Easter this year mostly cooperated weather wise. Everybody still needed to wear jackets but otherwise it was cool and spring-like outside.

Little Miss helped hide the eggs for her younger siblings so she was walking around with Fireball this time instead.


Cuddled Morning

Newbie here woke up while we were watching the Snyder Cut (so you can tell this picture is about a month old at this point).

She saw I was holding a sleeping Fireball from the stairs and offered to take her and cuddle her so I could finish my movie. Paused a few times during the movie to check on them, but having a sweet cuddle baby helped Newbie finally drift right off.

She often has trouble actually getting to sleep. She’s probably just like me in that she doesn’t require a lot of sleep.

And for the record, yes her face was clear (I checked).

Why the title mentions morning? Well, because while the Snyder cut of Justice League was amazing it did put us to bed extremely late.


Watching Potato

Part of the complications meant that Redflare and the Tough Guy couldn’t be home the day after like normal. What we could do, is watch from a nursery cam as he received some treatment from my computer.

We all also got to be offended at how little care the tiny ones (at least with him as the guidepost) got actual attention. Redflare was barely able to leave his side because otherwise he wasn’t going to be monitored to our satisfaction.