When the Redflare papparazi comes around the kids always have varying reactions.

Thunderer, this time around, seemed nonplussed.

While Superman stopped to pose:

TJ just flat out tried to hide.



Good Morning

I’m not sure which youngling decided to wake me up early on a Sunday morning, but after getting them all something to eat they wanted to play.

This is what Redflare came downstairs to in the morning after sleeping in slightly.

I think she wandered the living room (closest area to the stairs) and then office (first doorway out of living room) and around through the kitchen where she found that scene.


Concert Ready

Interestingly the elementary concerts were split up by ages/grades.

Yes, that meant we had to go to the elementary school twice in one week in the evening but at the same time, I appreciated that they weren’t trying to fit _everything_ into one night for the kids’ bedtimes sake.

They both enjoyed waving to us from the risers.

It’s amazing to me that little Newbie there is now in what I think was Little Miss’ first dress.


Culver’s Layover

Mom and Pops were headed north… or was it south?

Either way, they were passing through so we took the opportunity to meet up.

Gave us some good photo ops.

And naturally showed off their mischief a bit.

As with all quick visits, it was over too soon and with one last pose we had to say goodbye.