New Year’s 2021: The Food Hovering

Naturally with so much food out, everybody has gathered around to graze and enjoy what’s there and available.

In Little Miss’ hands on the right you can also see that we’re slowly getting ready for the next part of the tradition: board game night.


Birthday Zonk

She really must have had an amazing birthday if she zonked so hard out on the couch.

I can’t remember what birth year it was exactly that she argued “but it’s my birthday day!” around bed time and we capitulated at her cuteness and let her stay up until midnight, but on this latest birthday she didn’t make it to midnight at all.

It’s the Christmas break though, so why not let her stay up a bit later, right?


Settling in With Christmas (2011)

With everything opened, it was time for the kids to scatter and go make use of their new items.

Thunderer greatly appreciated her new playdoh, for example.

Superman was caught actually reading too!

And I don’t care that it’s a comic. It’s still reading. Deal with it.


December Snow Time-lapse

I know I usually post these to twitter and whatnot, but at the time I recorded it I wasn’t very active on twitter (not that I’m probably super active either right now, I know I’m not as I’m scheduling this post.)

As summer approaches though, why not remember an early December snow though?

Even got some help on this one, though without the tags I don’t think you’d be able to really tell how many of them were out there.