When the Redflare papparazi comes around the kids always have varying reactions.

Thunderer, this time around, seemed nonplussed.

While Superman stopped to pose:

TJ just flat out tried to hide.



Grandmother’s Funeral

Grandmother passed in early April so we made our way to the funeral.

Through the fog.

The weather eventually cleared up and travel was easier.

Redflare didn’t pull out the camera much but did manage to get a copy of freshman year me from the collage.

Meanwhile the littles were their normal cute selves.

Especially afterward when we went to help with cleanup.

And when the teens weren’t helping (which TJ couldn’t do much of due to his surgury restrictions) they patiently posed for Redflare.


Breakfast of Champions

So we found that while at the hospital TJ had trouble taking pain medicine in pill form.

They were kind enough to give us a pill crusher (though I’m sure that will show up on the non-itemized bill as a secret expense) and we then mixed it into some pudding for him.

His pain was well controlled the whole time. Amazingly he didn’t even need any of the harder stuff.


Appendix Be Gone

In late March TJ woke up in the early morning to declare that he was feeling sick.

Well, the whole family had just fought off a spring-but-it’s-still-cold-like-winter-flu-like-bug so we first dismissed it as probably that.

He insisted that it was “The worst pain [he’s] ever felt.”

Time to go to the hospital to find out what’s going on.

After the checkin process he got a moment to rest.

The pain described was starting to sound like a kidney stone to me… something I’m familiar with.

A CT scan later though…

And it’s confirmed it’s his appendix.

They worked him into surgury nice and quick.

A doting girlfriend was basically having a panic attack about the whole thing and stopped by to check on him after surgery.

And given how his body was bouncing back nice and quick, and so they released him just in time for us to beat the snowstorm.

Interestingly this post is lining up with his birthday, which was entirely unplanned.

I’m sure pictures from his actual birthday will be coming later, but for now I’ll sneak in a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ!” here.