Caturday New Year’s Zonk

So like some other holiday pictures, this one will be the last New Year’s 2021 picture that shows up because a cat got involved.

While there will be other posts scheduled earlier, for the record, this is the first post where TJ’s girlfriend gets her own tag on the blog: Fox. Her favorite animal and also the partial name she uses online when gaming, so it seemed fitting.

But yeah, the eldest teens zonked the earliest.

In TJ’s defense, he’s not really used to staying up late these days (as of my scheduling this) as he works really early at the local gas station making donuts.

Lady Grey thought they looked cozy though, so she decided to join them.

Oh, this is also where I finally fix my goof about posting on Saturdays rather than Sundays for my Caturdays. For whatever reason WordPress decided to rearrange their calendars and make Monday the first day, and I just now noticed it. So hopefully going forward I’ll remember and schedule the Caturdays on the correct day.

Oh well, at least we’re still getting cute cat posts.


Monopolizing Time

New Year’s day usually consists of sleeping in and then gaming.

This year was no exception as we enter 2022’s pictures.

Thunderer fell out pretty early and Superman wanted to play his new Metroid Dread game he got for Christmas. I can’t recall at this point but I think I had just recently fallen out due to all those hotels in the corner.

Little Miss, TJ, and Newbie were duking it out though.

While this may not have been how the game ended, she was quite proud of how much she was able to accumulate before being whittled down by only having one monopoly.

TJ, ultimately, was the winner of this round.