Scheduling Thoughts

So something I’m going to do this time around is not plan to post every day after this initial rush of posts. One, I have a big family and I’m just darn busy, the other is well, no, that’s it really. :p

So yes, there are going to be a flurry of posts as the days go on this month but after that things will probably slow down again as I figure out when I am actually going to post things, especially since I have twitter and facebook as well. Those kinds of sites pull a lot from the need for a “daily update” kind of situation.

I’m back, but not in the same way as I was. Still working through some videos to edit and upload too on Monk of Mists to get that back up and running but that’s going to take a little bit too. I haven’t abandoned that project though.


The Illustrious Return?

So one thing I’m still figuring out is how to use the new wordpress format. They seem to have butchered everything I really liked about it (blocks? What the crap are you?)

They also seem to want to make it more difficult for me to host my pictures on my own domain and instead want to try and insist I upload all my images to their site, probably so they can then force us to buy more space once we run out of the free space. Sorry guys, you’re already posting ads and I already pay for hosting elsewhere, so you’re going to have to deal with it me editing the html to get things exactly how I want it.


Pictures Please

Well, you can tell the school year started because Redflare has been too busy to prep more pictures for me!

I think this is a first, and I’m not sure I like it or not. :p

Don’t worry. We’ll be back, once we have some more pictures.


Blogger Blitz Black Sheep Round 1: Match 3: Blogger Blitzception!

Here we go!

Pop on over to Monk of Mists for my entry.

Meanwhile, in the other corner we have Teri Mae hosting her entry.

You can find my links to Match 1 and Match 2 as well.

You want results from the matches? Well, you’ll have to head over and enjoy Adventure Rules’ content for that.

So stay tuned there at the end of this week for who wins in the strange match of Ganondorf v Sigma!


Blogger Blitz Black Sheep Round 1: The Game is Afoot

Time to fly on over to check out Totalitarian Tea Time with Bowser and Marjolaine!

You’ll see me participating as Sigma coming up in a couple of weeks.

If you want to learn about everybody participating in the meantime, head on over to Adventure Rules proper or if you want additional details about the event..

I’ll be hosting my adventures over on Monk of Mists which is my more gaming focused site so everyone knows which space to watch August 17th.


Houston: We’re Out of Pictures!

You’ll probably notice that things went quiet around here. Well, it’s been busy with the last days of school and whatnot. The site is officially on a break as Redflare catches up on helping me process pictures. I have 11 pictures ready to go so I’m going to get those posts prepared and scheduled but posting frequency may see holes now that I’m finally caught up with my “ready to post” picture backlog.

No worries though, still maintaining the blog, just shifting gears to accommodate being caught up to present day finally.


Redirect: A Disney Afternoon in Time

I have joined the fine folks at (NTG) to help with their blog when time allows.

To that end, similar to how I redirect to Repping With Leashes on Monk of Mists I’ll begin to redirect to NTG when I have a new post over there.

I’d strongly recommend adding NTG’s blog to your favorite RSS feeder if you can though, then you’ll get everybody, not just me. If you don’t have a favorite RSS reader, like this site, you can sign up for email updates through feedburner. You’ll have to pay their blog a visit at least once and then hit the “subscribe” button at the top.

Oh yeah, I should actually post the redirect shouldn’t I?

Come with me, on “A Disney Afternoon in Time.”


Screw You Facebook

So Facebook showed me this picture today:

I’ve known my Redflare for a lot longer than that.

I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way, I think because Facebook is trying to claim that it’s somehow special and important in my life.

It’s not.

My Redflare is, and I’ve known her since August of 1990 just as I wrote about in my throwback posts (one and two).

I don’t need some stupid website tracking “milestones” that it decides to make up.

I don’t know, maybe others really do celebrate these things. Perhaps my kids will with their spouses… but I’d rather celebrate the days that are important to me.

I’ve scheduled tweets about it for tomorrow, but as of 9/14 I’m turning off FB auto updating from twitter. If you follow the blog primarily from Facebook be sure you go and like it. I’ll continue posting new posts to twitter as I’ve always done.