Easter 2018

With TJ out of commission the egg decorating didn’t go as normally as years past, but the littles still seemed to appreciate coloring some.



Children’s Museum Return

Up we go to another Children’s Museum post!

I tried to tell Thunderer about putting her eggs in a single basket but she was having too much fun with the chicken coop.

Of course, once they weren’t giving her any more eggs it was time to lock them all away.

While Newbie was happy to chill in the beaver dam…

Thunderer didn’t want to share.

Newbie appreciated studying the beaver skull too.

And also being impressed by the impact those teeth can have!

Finally it was time to put on a show…

Admire the fish.

And build.

They all approved of the trip and had fun.

So I think she had an awesome birthday.


Newbie Day Continued

Newbie was the star of the show on her birthday at the Children’s Museum and she knew it.

The others got into what is becoming their usual antics there too though.

I’m not sure what the attraction is for Thunderer and the sand, but it’s where she went first again.

Meanwhile Superman was sure to return to the lego-like blocks.

They moved around quite a bit though. Thunderer decided on a new project eventually.

Superman joined Newbie in the grocery area too.

And even took after Redflare and didn’t burn any food for his older brother.

The teenagers were a great help in keeping an eye on the little ones.

Can’t tell they’re related at all can you?

There are a few more pictures to go at the Children’s Museum. I think I can work out another post.


Newbie Birthday 2018

As I mentioned before, there’s some birthday clumping going on.

Little Newbie went from this…

To this.

If you can’t tell, her request for her birthday was to head to the local Children’s Museum.

She played hard and had a great birthday I think.

She also helped make sure Redflare was well fed.

This little Newbie had a very good birthday. Enough so that I think I’ll save some more of these pictures from her day for another post.


Little Miss’ Birthday

For whatever reason, our birthdays are clumped in the family. What’s slightly funny is that once this catchup post goes lives we’ll be approaching the next clump.

I’ll catch up eventually. 😉

Little Miss is up next in the rotation though. I think she was pleased with the day.

Yes, that’s 14 candles.

Then we snuck in a couple of parental poses.

And then priorities: pictures with big red, whether Big Red wanted them or not. :p

Something that’s become traditional for Little Miss’ birthdays is that we fry food. It started with her requesting onion rings and has evolved to basically everything goes in the fryer, especially when it manages to land on a weekend like it did this year.

The food didn’t stay on a plate very long but we were able to get this quick shot before the onion rings were gone.


Redflare’s Birthday

With so many birthdays packed together and my cookie skills, Redflare usually opts for brownies for her birthday ‘cake’.

And then Chinese for dinner!

The joys of adulthood: everything doesn’t stop for your birthday anymore.

We did get a kick out of the fortune that turned up in my cookie though.

“Among the lucky, you are the chosen one.”

Since her birthday was on a Friday we decided to do lunch the next day out.

The opportunity for ice cream was the goal, so Culver’s is where we headed.

The didn’t seem to mind.


Second Christmas

Mom and Pops came north mid January for a visit and to celebrate a Christmas with us.

The super generous results were quite surprising and appreciated.

It just so happens that it was also Pops’ birthday weekend so we snuck a cake into the mix.

Papparazi-ness ensued for sure then. They gave us a new camera!?

Have to christen a camera with a selfie, right?

And then surprise TJ with a guitar too!

And since there’s a new camera in the mix, expect there to be more pictures from here on out!

It’d be hard, four months later, to really encapsulate everything with a narration so I won’t. :p

Instead, how about some more pictures!