Christmas (2011) Caturday

I get it. It’s August, but this cat picture is from Christmas and so I’m scheduling it for the next available Saturday as is my normal pattern.

As these are both from Christmas though, I thought I’d use them both as a bonus Caturday day.

One of the ribbons for the blankets was lying around and first the kids played with Lady Grey with it, and then they put it on her.

Later she cozied up in one of the Christmas blankets that was in the Christmas Eve box the day before.

Still plenty of evidence of chaos from Christmas on the couch here.

And this concludes, months after the other Christmas pictures, everything from Christmas day.


Settling in With Christmas (2011)

With everything opened, it was time for the kids to scatter and go make use of their new items.

Thunderer greatly appreciated her new playdoh, for example.

Superman was caught actually reading too!

And I don’t care that it’s a comic. It’s still reading. Deal with it.


New Skater Boi

For Christmas Superman was going to get roller skates via a gift card from his grandparents but we found that there just isn’t a pair that exists that would fit him well.

What we ended up with as an outdoorsy alternative that he was still interested in was a brand new skateboard that just recently arrived.

(Yes behind him as he holds the skateboard there’s a Christmas penguin. We never manage to put that away.)

We also got him a new helmet and pads.

But now he’s fully ready to practice! First step, balance while standing still.


Santa Babies

Not a lot of great pictures over the last few months sadly. I guess that’s what happens when we’re so busy.

Redflare took the kids out to a ‘dinner with Santa’ event at the local fire station. They loved it.

The food wasn’t overly impressive in Newbie’s eyes, and Thunderer opted to just have a cookie. :p

Food wasn’t the main reason to go though, so it works.


Menards is Home Now

Home is where the decorations are.

After the pumpkin patch we stopped by Menards real quick on the way home. A section of our fence blew down and we wanted to price how much the new slats and posts would be.

While there we enjoyed looking at some of the Christmas decorations… a bit early, but fine, go ahead Menards, as long as I’m not setting up my tree yet I guess you can go ahead.