Weekend Lounging

Don’t mind us, just enjoying an excuse to snuggle inside on a late fall/early winter weekend.

Perhaps play with the new Note 8 camera filters a bit…

And maybe even set up the Christmas tree!?

Relaxing and quiet weekends sometimes feel like they’re few and far between, so have to take advantage of them when they come, right?


Presenting Presents

Well, TJ has a girlfriend.

So now that the Halloween post is out of the way it’s time to start thinking about Christmas, right?

Time to wrap some Christmas gifts… maybe put up the tree…

Even finally get it lit.

The ornaments would come a lot later for some reason but we were certainly prepared.


Behold: The Cookbook


So I’m posting things a bit out of order since the fry bread pictures went up first, but here’s the cover of the cookbook that I got Redflare for Christmas.

She asked for it and has been quite happy. A few typos here or there, a couple of missing instructions, but fortunately she’s experienced and awesome enough at cooking to recover from those mishaps.


Christmas Morning

Makes sense that a few pictures would get mixed up in my posting order with Thunderer’s birthday so close to Christmas.

So we’ll take a moment to bounce back to Christmas and show the eager faces of them on the stairs, ready to charge.


And then then gathered around the table, reading the note from Santa.



Penguin Friends

A close friend of Newbie’s from preschool sent her a Christmas present: a stuffed penguin with one half of a “best friends” necklace.


The school district now has them going to two different buildings based on where we live compared to them, but come middle school, if they stay in contact, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to easily rekindle their friendship.


Her half says “milk” and his half says “cookies”.