They Don’t Care About Us – Snowcatart Visual Poem

This was originally going to be a project for school, but well… cancelled right now. She continued it anyway.
I’ll see if I can convince her to type up her handwritten notes on what she researched for those who can’t see the images.
We’ll let the music and the images speak for themselves.


Pole Work

A few years ago the neighbor cut down a dying/dead tree. One of the branches knocked out one of the support bars of our clothesline.

You could say a tree clotheslined our clothesline even.

With that being the case, and room starting to run out in the yard to keep new trees healthy, it was time to say goodbye to the poles.

I suppose this could be considered a very uniquely destructive pole dance?

These things were properly cemented in at a certain point, plus holes at the top of the poles acted like a funnel to the ground so the area at the concrete was nice and wet.

We didn’t want to dig too deep or wide for the sake of the yard and the new trees that would be going in.

Like this new cherry tree.

While we’re out there, may as well check on the tree that had surgery too.

So far so good.


C & E

A bit of a belated happy birthday to my niece C back south. We got her package off to her almost on time but with the picture backlog I didn’t actually get to her and her little brother until now (only two months late :p ).


So here’s from your Uncle FlameFlash kids, thinking of you. 🙂