Halloween 2021: The Trio

And then there were three:

Oddly Newbie appears to have snuck past without getting a solo shot. My assumption is that they got tired of us taking pictures and the end result was us hurrying with this shot instead.

If you’re unfamiliar with Newbie’s costume, she’s Amity Blight from the Disney show Owl House.

We’d originally ordered her costume. In fact, her’s was the first costume we ordered. Thanks to supply chain issues though, it simply never arrived. Fortunately Snow/Little Miss stepped in and helped craft some pieces for Newbie to still pull off the look while she made the staff herself.


Productivity Blocker

One thing Little Miss has found she does with her desk is steal my tablet, set up to sew, and watch something on netflix.

Big Red decided she wasn’t going to do any more sewing on this day, however.

I guess this is as decent a post as any to mention how the sausage is made here on the blog too, not that I get many comments or readers, but I want to write about it, so I will.

Clearly my mind suffers from some sort of OCD or something because it’s convoluted, bear with me. 😉

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“Ar” Eyepatches

Newbie’s eye was accidentally scratched by Fireball. It was a pretty bad scratch at the end of the day so we took her in. It was an officially scratched cornea.

Little Miss crafted an eyepatch for her in record time to help her remember not to rub it and cut down on the sensitivity.

Well, a few days into her having one I was approached to join a new D&D game so Little Miss again went to work and whipped one up for me for entirely different reasons (yay for wearing small bits of a costume on the D&D stream.)

Naturally a little sister decided to photobomb, but it was a welcome addition to our picture.


Homemade Cozy

Redflare made both the hat and blanket for when he got to come home. Given his extended stay at the hospital she wrapped him up a little early to catch this sweet picture.

Oh, and where’s the April 1 post you might ask? I prefer to not schedule posts on April 1 for Internet culture reasons.