“Ar” Eyepatches

Newbie’s eye was accidentally scratched by Fireball. It was a pretty bad scratch at the end of the day so we took her in. It was an officially scratched cornea.

Little Miss crafted an eyepatch for her in record time to help her remember not to rub it and cut down on the sensitivity.

Well, a few days into her having one I was approached to join a new D&D game so Little Miss again went to work and whipped one up for me for entirely different reasons (yay for wearing small bits of a costume on the D&D stream.)

Naturally a little sister decided to photobomb, but it was a welcome addition to our picture.


Homemade Cozy

Redflare made both the hat and blanket for when he got to come home. Given his extended stay at the hospital she wrapped him up a little early to catch this sweet picture.

Oh, and where’s the April 1 post you might ask? I prefer to not schedule posts on April 1 for Internet culture reasons.



With the blog in sort of catch up mode perhaps we’ll highlight some pictures from their birthdays without dedicating a post per kid.

That, and I don’t think Redflare grabbed pictures from every birthday we’ve missed on the blog since we last posted something. :p

There has been some gift giving along the way though, like a painting made by Little Miss for TJ:

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What a Boob

Redflare has had this pattern for a while, but now that temperatures are getting hotter it’s time to try it out.

Presenting, the breastfeeding baby’s “boob hat”.

Guaranteed to offend, cause a laugh, or both as you feed your litle one.

Not sure if she’ll make them in bulk or not, but she had fun experimenting with it.