Nerf Play

The snoopy area has a nice air conditioned area for little ones too. We went there near the end of the day to cool off a bit.

You could vacuum up the little balls, put them in air powered blasters, and fill bins that would eventually drop said balls over certain spots.

They all really enjoyed it.

It was also a nice contained area so we adults could sit for a moment and rest.

Naturally I was their favorite target to shoot at. :p



Unicorn Fangs

The kids all got a little goodie bag during the lunch.

Newbie wanted to show off her fangs.

(Yes you can see the other’s backs in this one but I didn’t want to tag them since you can’t see their faces.)


Wild Thing Riders

First off, no, Redflare didn’t notice the sign saying “please no pictures”. :p

TJ and Little Miss fly through first, with her flashing some sort of ‘waffle’ gesture.

Superman flies by next to Pops, with definate surprise on that cute little tiger face.

And I managed to drag my little brother onto the ride.

I’ll just cackle again evilly as I look at it.



Speaking of Snoopyland, Newbie was especially pleased when we arrived there.

Even if they did try to accost a poor Snoopy statue.

Meanwhile we had the rare shot of oldest and youngest standing together.

I can’t remember where everyone else was at that point.


Gold Diggers

Birds and flowers are great and all, but what about your cute kids FF?

Well, they’re still around, making mistchief.

Superman really wanted to go dig for gold while they were outside playing while we did yard work. We went ahead and let him dig a hole a bit near the back of the garage (lower chance I’ll step in it and twist my ankle.)

His younger siblings eventually joined to “help” too.