Adopting a Brother

TJ met D pretty soon after moving into our new house.

That means Newbie would have been two.

Thunderer hasn’t known a day of D not being present.

They’ve adopted him as another big brother. It shows too, as they try to get his attention or otherwise interact with him.

His mother used to babysit some, so he’s used to smaller kids, even if he is the baby of his family.

Now I think, based on the picture, he’s ready to head home, but does humor Redflare with a picture first… that Newbie had to photobomb.


Rock Toss


You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but we’re still at the zoo. The path between the “farm” area and the rest of the zoo has a nice walk path.

They each found a small rock and gave it a toss into the water… or tried to.


Snow Play

I’m not kidding when I say winter is one of our favorite seasons. When it snows, the kids are happy, especially if it’s not so freakishly cold that they can go out and play in it.


Whether it’s tunneling, flinging snowballs, or making paths through the snow, they just love being able to be out there playing.