Thunderer Up Close

I was just barely outside of range to get whacked by those black and pink boots. It’s quite the northern spring outfit when you think about it. T-shirt, leggings, boots with a sweatshirt hanging in the background, just in case.

They all for the most part took off their sweatshirts. They’re clearly acclimated to the cooler temperatures of up here.


Biker Gang

While Superman practiced skateboarding the girls enjoyed working on riding their bikes. I’m not quite sure why Newbie insists on using her old bike when she got a new one for her birthday but something about not being fond of all the gears? Perhaps Thunderer will claim it and start working on her balance soon.


New Skater Boi

For Christmas Superman was going to get roller skates via a gift card from his grandparents but we found that there just isn’t a pair that exists that would fit him well.

What we ended up with as an outdoorsy alternative that he was still interested in was a brand new skateboard that just recently arrived.

(Yes behind him as he holds the skateboard there’s a Christmas penguin. We never manage to put that away.)

We also got him a new helmet and pads.

But now he’s fully ready to practice! First step, balance while standing still.