Santa Time

Can’t catch up to Christmas pictures itself without the obligatory picture with Santa hosted at the local fire department!

Meanwhile, on the walk back, TJ found an icilcle and decieded to weild it, ready for action.



Morning Goodbyes

Sunday morning of this fast Iowa trip came far too soon.

We were sure to first burn off some energy at the playground at the elmentary right down the hill.

And try out the slingshot helicoptors that Mom and Pops had gotten for them…

We’ll admire the geese…

And then gather up for a group shot because it’s time to go.

The trip home was fortunately a lot less stressful than the trip South. We felt a bit robbed by the van breaking down, but we made the best out of the hiccup that we could.

Still a little wary of trying the trip again thanks to the van’s performance, but we’ll see.


Stair Steps

Fall is in full swing at this point in the pictures I think, but that means it’s a great time to be outside and playing or helping with chores.

We also managed to get them in stair step mode for a picture.

It’ll be interesting to see what their real heights eventually are. TJ is right around 5’9″ or 5’10” (taller than me or just about). Not sure what he was in this picture.

Little Miss has a ways to go if she wants to catch up with him. Personally, I don’t think it’ll happen.

Superman, meanwhile, will certainly catch up with Little Miss at some point but is still a ways behind TJ right now. So right now their height difference is more akin to “that last step is a doozy.”

Meanwhile, these two… I think Newbie will likely be the shortest of the bunch by the time they’re all at their final heights. Time will tell.


Pumpkin Patch

Clearly we’re starting to get into the fall pictures now.

Off to the pumpkin patch!

Then it’s time to run around and pick their pumpkins.

Thunderer, no matter how many times we tried to dissuade her, was set on getting a ‘baby pumpkin’. We’d let her draw on it later rather than cutting due to the size.


Bus Stop Lineups

It’s difficult sometimes to get them all to stay still to get a good shot. Sometimes we have to settle for getting them in smaller groups.

I think this school morning was a teacher late start day or maybe Thunderer was still in bed so Redflare walked them to the stop alone. I’m not sure at this point.

Had some fun pictures hiding away that should see the light of day. 🙂