Dandelion Girl

Newbie was outside supervising the tree repairs and the tilling, finding dandelions and just in general being cute.



Tree Surgeon

The local rabbit population were certainly hungry this winter. One of our apple trees certainly suffered.

After wrapping it up until spring came it was time to gather supplies and begin.

Behold the beautiful tree surgeon!

And the final result.

So, what in the world did we actually do?

My understanding is that by taking some twig clippings from the tree while it was still dormant Redflare then used a chisel below the nibbling and above the nibbling in the bark to create a nutrient bridge with the twigs.

Kind of like taking a hair or skin graft from another part of your body to heal yourself with your own parts.

As of right now, the tree looks healthy. While all of its relatives in the back yard have baby apples this one only has leaves. That’s a good thing as that means it’s putting all its effort into healing rather than making apples this year.

If it survives this winter? Then we’ll call the surgery a success.