December Snow Time-lapse

I know I usually post these to twitter and whatnot, but at the time I recorded it I wasn’t very active on twitter (not that I’m probably super active either right now, I know I’m not as I’m scheduling this post.)

As summer approaches though, why not remember an early December snow though?

Even got some help on this one, though without the tags I don’t think you’d be able to really tell how many of them were out there.


Halloween 2021: The Trio

And then there were three:

Oddly Newbie appears to have snuck past without getting a solo shot. My assumption is that they got tired of us taking pictures and the end result was us hurrying with this shot instead.

If you’re unfamiliar with Newbie’s costume, she’s Amity Blight from the Disney show Owl House.

We’d originally ordered her costume. In fact, her’s was the first costume we ordered. Thanks to supply chain issues though, it simply never arrived. Fortunately Snow/Little Miss stepped in and helped craft some pieces for Newbie to still pull off the look while she made the staff herself.