Armed Catapult

This would go with the dancing Newbie post from a while back.

Here on the field trip, she’s ready to let it fly!



Adopting a Brother

TJ met D pretty soon after moving into our new house.

That means Newbie would have been two.

Thunderer hasn’t known a day of D not being present.

They’ve adopted him as another big brother. It shows too, as they try to get his attention or otherwise interact with him.

His mother used to babysit some, so he’s used to smaller kids, even if he is the baby of his family.

Now I think, based on the picture, he’s ready to head home, but does humor Redflare with a picture first… that Newbie had to photobomb.


Daddy Daughter Dance

For my birthday it seems appropriate to show off two of my little gifts.

The high school was hosting for the younger grades a “daddy/daughter dance” so naturally, it was time to take my two in school daughters to said event.

Newbie had a blast. Running around, purposefully sliding on the floor and finding friends… oh yeah, and dancing with Daddy.

Little Miss was a great sport in helping me keep an eye on my Newbie independent monster.

Sadly the DJ wasn’t overly impressive (or the music requests weren’t) but I still enjoyed hanging out with them and attempting to move to the beat.