Remote Schooling

It’s certainly been an interesting year as Covid settled in and normalized completely different things… like remote school.

Newbie immediately settled into next to me at my desk like 2020 but Thunderer had a little time adjusting before taking over Redflare’s desk.

Part of the problem for Thunderer, I think, was that she and her cousin were remote into school together at the dining room table last year, so settling into any one place reinforced that her partner wasn’t here anymore.

Next year, now that everybody is vaccinated, we’ll be going back to physical school entirely, so we’ll have to get ready for another readjustment, but I think it’ll be for the best. They’re all ready to go back at this point, so barring some unique new strain, physical school will be back in our lives next fall.


Robo Baby

Right before Christmas break our family was accosted with a robot baby.

TJ had to adopt one for the weekend for a class.

More advanced than a ‘flour bag baby’ or “egg baby” but a heck of a lot less advanced than the Batman Beyond episode with robo babies.

If you’re curiuos, he aced it. Many a sleepless night through that weekend, but he aced the project.


History Event

Traditionally the local fourth graders go to some kind of history event at a local farm. Booths are set up, hands on activities and come rain, snow, or shine the kids go out and ‘experience history.’

It was Superman’s turn to go this year and he had a blast. I performed my usual chapperoning duties so I didn’t really have much time to catch many pictures.

His three favorite events from the day were probably the chariots…

Getting to see real armor…

And somehow talking me into buying him a couple sticks of rock candy.

A daddy and son outing that he really appreciated. (I enjoyed it too.)