Stardew Nesting

I was slightly torn on if I should schedule this on a caturday for obvious reasons or keep going as normal. I ultimately scheduled it as normal because the highlight here is little sleeping Fireball, nested securely, so that Little Miss and I can play Stardew Valley and keep an eye on this little restless sleeper who so desperately wanted me close.

Much more comfortable for both her and me than letting her sleep in my lap and us game.


Trick Candles

There’s a lot going on here.

TJ’s girlfriend is sitting in the background has he tries to clap at the candles to blow them out, and then wave at them and then blow some more.

Little Miss is holding little Potato in the background as he sleeps. I think the pictures are a little out of order in my folder because here, clearly, everything has already been opened (including somebody’s fruit snacks.)