New Year’s 2021: The Food Hovering

Naturally with so much food out, everybody has gathered around to graze and enjoy what’s there and available.

In Little Miss’ hands on the right you can also see that we’re slowly getting ready for the next part of the tradition: board game night.


New Year’s 2021: The Food

That’s it. That’s the post. I can’t recall what year I started laying out finger foods for New Year’s, but it’s been a hit every year so that’s what I continue to do.

Cheeses, sausage, shrimp, crackers and chips, pepperoni, and lunch meat, I’m ready to serve the myriad tastes of the large family as we welcome the new year.


Civ VI: Jurassic Park Anyone?

I really appreciate that achievement “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” It’s why, while I’m purposefully going through the game with the various leaders for wins with them I’m not heavily focused yet on trying to get every achievement period. Setting such a thing up successfully on the map would prove to be rather difficult.

But here we are, accidentally getting both the Jurassic Park reference and all the Nobel prizes.


Birthday Zonk

She really must have had an amazing birthday if she zonked so hard out on the couch.

I can’t remember what birth year it was exactly that she argued “but it’s my birthday day!” around bed time and we capitulated at her cuteness and let her stay up until midnight, but on this latest birthday she didn’t make it to midnight at all.

It’s the Christmas break though, so why not let her stay up a bit later, right?


No Way Home

So just a couple months since the physical release I’m celebrating here when we went to actually see No Way Home in the theatre.

Naturally we were still using masks as not everyone (Newbie) was vaccinated yet, but by going a few weeks after release during their Christmas break we made sure to minimize covid contact as much as possible.

I’m pretty sure the girls just didn’t want to bother smiling for the picture so they put their masks up instead.

It was a fantastic end to the three movie establishment arc of Holland’s Spiderman portrayal and I look forward to whatever comes next.

(As I’ve scheduled this the Love and Thunder trailer came out just this week and Multiverse of Madness was still unrated to give folks a hint as to when I actually scheduled this post.)