School Starts – TJ

TJ is now a junior.

A junior!?


He’s ready.



School Starts – Little Miss

First day of school pictures only into October! Not too shabby.

We’ll start the series with Little Miss because she’s starting high school this year.

Our brand new fresh meat… er… freshman!


Apple Promises

One of the trees this year has shared fantastic fruit with us. The other two… well, one seems a bit spotty and moldy for some reason and the other just didn’t produce much. Probably need more of our pollinators to be developed enough to actually produce flowers.

Doesn’t stop me from admiring their growth as the summer progresses.


Become Human

Over the summer we got in a lot of playing Detroit: Become Human.

If you haven’t played this game yet and you have a PS4, I very highly recommend it.

Little Miss was very inspired by the game and created four pieces of art for it. I’ve posted them on twitter before, but I thought I’d highlight her three “character-centric” pieces here too.

I’m not going to give much background on any of them, just in case you’re somebody who is interested in playing the game, but those of you who have played through a few times should hopefully recognize some key scenes.


High Above Me

The first night Redflare was there she immediately got hit by altitude sickness.

Glancing at her Wii Fit meter was enough to seal the deal that she was definately not where she normally is.

The official elevation where she was was 5328 feet above sea level (or 1.6KM) while she’s used to 794 feet above sea level (or 220 M).

Hence why the elevation on the fit meter reads as it does. It just couldn’t keep up with the change (not like it’s supposed to be super accurate anyway with that.)

Certainly the highest we’ve ever seen the number go though.


Might Fine Dining

Around now I should point out that this trip was generously paid for by Redflare’s friend who needed the help. Getting to bask in the mountain views was enough for Redflare, but her friend went above and beyond and treated her to a fancy restaurant too.

I hear they have the best cream soda she’s ever had.

Because both of them are camera shy, any pictures of the two of them together are for our private collection, instead you can enjoy more shots of food like this Asaskan halibut…

Something about asparagus and cheese…

Mushroom Popover?

And this random image of a Spiderman statue?