Stardew: Community Center Night Opening

I think Jas jumping rope on the far right, near the middle of the night is probably the most creepy part of this.

We’d finished the community center and were wondering why the celebration hadn’t trigger, and then we head to the bar to throw around gifts to people when suddenly this pops up.

I adjusted levels on a copy of the image so you can better see Jas and the others celebrating.



Here’s where that whole blog delay is really kicking in. I got this back in April.

Oh, I was advised not to laminate the card and instead make physical and/or digital copies of the vaccination card. Something about the ink used on the stickers they put on the card possibly having issues with being laminated.


Stardew Valley: Penny Moves In

As I’m scheduling this about two month old accomplishment in game Snow and I are still going strong in Stardew.

And Snow still doesn’t dress up for special events… there she is in the back behind Linus in her overalls and sailor hat. I find it a little strange that Elliot isn’t standing next to her but is in his default spot, but it’s a minor detail.