Productivity Blocker

One thing Little Miss has found she does with her desk is steal my tablet, set up to sew, and watch something on netflix.

Big Red decided she wasn’t going to do any more sewing on this day, however.

I guess this is as decent a post as any to mention how the sausage is made here on the blog too, not that I get many comments or readers, but I want to write about it, so I will.

Clearly my mind suffers from some sort of OCD or something because it’s convoluted, bear with me. 😉

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Curious Lady Grey Christmas Caturday

Lady Grey is here from August to inspect the desk…

And thinks that “Caturday” is more important than “Christmas” but will go ahead and wish everyone a Merry both since I’m over here scheduling this in October.

That’s right, a picture from August, being posted on Christmas, scheduled in October.

Behold the power of the WordPress scheduling tool! :p