Concert Ready

Interestingly the elementary concerts were split up by ages/grades.

Yes, that meant we had to go to the elementary school twice in one week in the evening but at the same time, I appreciated that they weren’t trying to fit _everything_ into one night for the kids’ bedtimes sake.

They both enjoyed waving to us from the risers.

It’s amazing to me that little Newbie there is now in what I think was Little Miss’ first dress.



More Growth

With winter still raging on outside yet it being after Easter it was time to start some more plants since the tomatoes for the most part were doing so well.

A few flowers…

Some celery (yes, that’s an old muffin tin).


And bush beans.

It’s been really neat watching them grow.


Nibbled Tomatoes

Speaking of hungry animals… for some reason Thundercat really likes to graze it seems. The tomatoes from the picture on the 6th had grown enough that Redflare moved them to a bigger pot.

Where they were nibbled on mercilessly.

They’ll be growing under a dome for the rest of the duration that they’re inside, that’s for sure.


Hungry Bunny

During this late, long, cold winter the bunnies clearly started getting extra hungry.

So hungry that they started nibbling on our sleeping apple trees.

Redflare bought some more tree protectors, but not before one apple tree was damaged pretty heavily.

Sorry little guy, but you’ll have to find lunch elsewhere.


Grandmother’s Funeral

Grandmother passed in early April so we made our way to the funeral.

Through the fog.

The weather eventually cleared up and travel was easier.

Redflare didn’t pull out the camera much but did manage to get a copy of freshman year me from the collage.

Meanwhile the littles were their normal cute selves.

Especially afterward when we went to help with cleanup.

And when the teens weren’t helping (which TJ couldn’t do much of due to his surgury restrictions) they patiently posed for Redflare.