My Gamer Little Girl

I can’t fully recall the circumstances of why she was sitting at my desk on a 3DS and I was behind her, but I thought it was a perfect profile shot of my oldest baby girl enjoying gaming.

If you can’t tell, here she’s playing Tetris.

Started them young.

So if anybody ever doubts her gamer girl cred in the future — though hopefully that idiocy will be gone from gamer culture by then — she can just point to stuff like this.

Oh yeah, she has a Death Knight in WoW too (among other characters). :p


Episode 128 Notes: On “the List”

And here are the show notes for episode 128! Don’t forget to hit the video version this time around for the best copy. Something went horribly wrong with the audio export.


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Nintendo Suspends Swapnote

As Polygon (and anybody with a 3DS) can now tell you, Nintendo has now suspended Swapnote.

Don’t know what Swapnote was? Think of it as a texting service on the 3DS. If you were 3DS friends with somebody you could draw them a picture, send them a picture you’ve taken with your 3DS, scrawl out a message.

Why are they suspending it? Because children are being exposed to inappropriate content because they’re sharing their friend codes online with strangers.

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Digital Vs Physical: Something is Broken

You know, I think I see the reason why there’s a push to digital media: no inventory. No costs associated with inventory. No need to ever have a clearance sale.

Let’s take a case study.

Mario Kart 7, being one of Nintendo’s staple games, is going nowhere price wise if you walk into a brick and mortar store. Even Walmart.

Now take a walk down digital lane.

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